Bring Your Leather Back To Life, For A Fraction Of The Cost Of New!

We know that most customers who own leather are never quite sure when it’s time to clean their leather furniture. In fact, most wait until the leather starts to show signs of wear, maybe color loss, head oils building up or they notice scratches from animals or other objects that become unsightly to the eye. If this is you, then you may have waited until it’s too late to effectively CLEAN your pieces back to normal. They probably need some sort of restoration work on top of the cleaning!

The great thing about leather, though, is that unlike fabric, neglect and damage can often be corrected! At First Coast Chem-Dry, our professionals can work on all the major types of leather:

  • Aniline (A) – Also known as Natural, Pure, Naked and Unprotected leather.
  • Protected (P) – Also known as Semi-Aniline, Pigmented and Painted leather.
  • Nubuck (N) – Also known as Chaps, Bomber or Suede.
  • Bi-cast (B) – Man made leathers

Leather Cleaning

The process of cleaning leather is designed to remove soils. The effectiveness of the cleaning process will depend on the condition of the leather, age, leather type and the amount/type of soils and/or staining involved. Cleaning leather will NOT restore the color or finish. In fact, a lot of the soiling and staining of leather will also be hard to remove especially after 72 hours when they are typically absorbed into the leather itself.

Leather Restoration
We realize that many leather owners believe that most of their leather problems and concerns can be corrected by cleaning. The truth is, most cannot. And, we sometimes have to reveal the ugly truth to customers that sometimes “easy” fixes don’t apply to leather. Most have waited too long or ignored the condition until it becomes so unsightly they have to make a call. Miracle oils, home remedies, Internet suggestions and simple fixes don’t exist especially to untrained people that want to do it themselves. It’s not easy color matching leather once these home remedies actually remove color or damage the finish. But, the good news is the professionals at First Coast Chem-Dry can do it!

Leather Repair
Leather repair covers a large range of services from removing small spots and stains, scratches, scuffs color issues, tears and other similar issues. We always try to make an invisible repair but many times scarring can take place. Sometimes it’s most visible because you know where to look. Our experts will do everything possible to obtain that “like new” status.

Here Is How We Work

  1. Call our office and speak with our Master Leather Repair technician. Explain your reason for calling and what you hope to achieve with our service.

  2. You will be asked to send multiple photos with excellent lighting to our company. Our email address is:

  3. The information you give us and the photos will be looked over and we will call you back if we believe your leather can be cleaned, repaired, restored or all three with a cost for you to decide if you wish to go forward. We realize sometimes the cost of repair outweighs the value to the customer.

  4. Any furniture that requires Repair or Restoration MUST be done in our office location. We use color, finishes and a variety of items we do not carry into the home for safety concerns. A simple cleaning can be done in the home.

  5. We do not pick-up or deliver. That service will be left to the customer and/or a moving company of your preference. Once we receive your pieces then it becomes our responsibility until you or someone removes it from our property. A repair or restoration can take a week to 10 business days.

Why buy new when we can restore your leather at a fraction of the cost?